The week in review

May 9, 2010

WIR: WIR: 2010, May 03 – 09

The week ended on a tasty note with a trip to my dad’s new favourite restaurant that serves only one dish: Korean Chicken Ginseng Soup (sam-gye-tang). The dish consists of a small whole chicken that has been stuffed with sticky rice, nuts and a couple of dates, then boiled in a nutritious soup of ginseng, garlic and ginger and usually served in a heavy clay pot.

I love when my dad talks about his youth. To him, just the smell of this dish takes him back to when he and his siblings would wait around the kitchen for the best meal of the year. It’s incredibly difficult to grow ginseng, so everyone eagerly awaited the crop harvesting in October, it was also about the time when the chickens had matured enough, so this dish naturally came together.

The best bit is at the end when you’ve got a bowl full of soup with the sticky rice stuffing and the left over little bits of chicken! You really can’t beat it on a chilly night.


A warm feast on a cold night


4 Responses to “The week in review”

  1. Emski Says:

    wow wow wow yum!

  2. Lea Says:

    i’m not a fan of that particular dish but you manage to make it sound palatable!

    i remember one of your dad’s stories from the army days, about how and he the korean soldiers loved the regular food rations that the americans gave out, but they couldn’t read the english writing on the packs, so they just ripped open the sachets of coffee and tipped them whole into their mouths (never having seen coffee before), and then ran around on a high for the rest of the day!

    • snowdomes Says:

      it’s one of those awesome meals if you’ve had too much rich food of late.
      I just love my dad’s stories, but it’s like he’s got a million up his sleeve and lets them out slowly once in while to keep you hooked!

  3. I just love this dish…very nutritious. My granny’s home-cooked “samgaetang” is the best! I miss it so much!!!

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