Shake 28: Autumn arvos

May 2, 2010

Claim your dome!

I love an unexpected afternoon to yourself. The Hubs gleefully scooted off to a six hour knife skills course – his mood was that of excitement and the anticipation of learning new things, mine was apprehension and concern that he would come home with more knives. We already have a whole drawer-full of which he uses two or three, but he sharpens them all like he may need to pull any of them out at any second.

Putting the fears of a house-full of knives aside (sounds like a horror movie), I sought out my local warehouse-converted Berkelouw bookshop which has a quaint cafe upstairs where you can read for hours without being hassled. Seated beside the huge windows and a coffee in hand, I had a gorgeous quiet arvo with the books and finally writing to the Wagga Nans. I am loving these autumn afternoons.

To celebrate my day of coffees, today’s dome is from the coffee capital, yet, I don’t know who gave me this one. It has really fine pieces of snow that swirl beautifully when you shake it. It has to be at least 3-5 years old because it’s got this blue sticker on the bottom of it which was my last effort at numbering before I gave up. Help me!

This morning's dud


One Response to “Shake 28: Autumn arvos”

  1. This coffee is not a dud. It’s just “special” in a special way 😉

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