Shake 27: Domes and food again?

May 1, 2010

Shazi, New York (US), Year?

Besides shaking the snowdomes, a lot of my time (and money) seems to be spent on trying new places to eat and drink, whether it be Northern Chinese lamb backbone dripping in rich sauce at the dodgy restaurant in the next vale, or the suave hatted eatery in town. Last night was the latter. I wouldn’t call Guillaume at Bennelong’s degustation menu a taste of the chef’s brilliance – it’s a good gulp! We were only halfway through the journey and most of us were clutching our stomachs wondering how we were going to tackle the next heaviest courses of Grimaud duck and grade 9 wagyu beef. My favourite was the ‘Turban of Scampi’ not only because of the gorgeous flavours, but the imaginative assembly. The SMH reviewer described it to a tee: “a precisely arranged headdress of pasta enclosing three perfectly poached crustaceans on a light caviar cream sauce.” The inspired pasta headdress… I’ve never seen anything like it. The crowd favourite was the first dessert course containing cubes of seasonal fruit, a scoop of pineapple sorbet and lime marshmallows all followed by a ceremonial pouring of a pomegranate, ginger and lemongrass soup. An absolutely opulent meal in an iconic landmark, it’s hard to get a better Friday night.

I love experimental food. Last night’s foray was on the top end of Sydney’s standard, but with only slight touches of the experimental. One of the most experimental meals I’ve had was at Eleven Madison Park in New York, recently named in the top 50 restaurants in the world, also the set for a scene in Sex & the City, I’m told by our local NY foodie guide, Jen. But I’ll stop here, this is a whole other post. Wow, this really is turning into a food blog.

It’s my first ever New York snowdome. As you can see, it’s feeling the years; sadly the water is getting pretty murky. I love the hot air balloon over the city that’s only just hanging onto its string. Have no fear, it’s still got years left Shazi – I’m shaking it gently! first good leaf!


One Response to “Shake 27: Domes and food again?”

  1. Yes the water in this snowdome does look a little murky but the coffee looks great. Good job!

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