The week in review

April 25, 2010

WIR: 2010, April 19-25

Twenty one days later and this hasn’t been as difficult as I had initially thought. However, instead of becoming busier, I am taking the easy road by casting other things aside. I haven’t picked up a book (besides the dome and design books) in a couple of weeks, my bookbinding has fallen to the wayside and the dishes are piling up. Am I gaining as much as I’m putting aside? Good question, but I am willing to be illiterate, less crafty and eat off paper plates for a little while longer!

Now onto serious matters. Let’s be honest here: there will come a day (or days) when I’m not going to be able to make it before midnight *insert horror music*! Whether it be holidays or late night deadlines or simply damn forgetfulness, it’s going to happen. What then? I don’t know either, but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Did you like that disclaimer?

I want to say thanks to all you dedicated folk who have been on this journey with me thus far, particularly those that have me on RSS (whatever that is… but it sounds impressive). Hope I can make it til at least Elvis’ birthday – I have a whopper for that day!


One Response to “The week in review”

  1. Doyle Air Says:

    You better keep them coming or I will cuhhhhhhhht yew!! LOL hahahah! I am kinda addicted to reading your blog its like the next installment of Glee or something!! hahaahaaaha! Ask shirley what that might feel like!!!!

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