Shake 18: Celebrate the Blues

April 22, 2010

Lados, US - but where?

and when?

How cool is this dome? The Blues Brother’s made their debut on Saturday Night Live 32 years ago today. You’re impressed aren’t you? This meant that I at least did some preliminary thinking and research for this entry. I’m proud of myself.

As much as I looooooove the Lados and I love how they’re AWESOME at supplying the domes, they always like to be on my case about the criteria to get into the collection. So cheeky! What’s the story? I don’t buy domes for the sake of increasing numbers, the important thing is that they’re linked to a new experience, which means I don’t go online and purchase every one that I can find. And here’s where they sticky situation happens.

The question is: buying online – is it an experience? Theoretically it is. But did you discover something new? Was it typing your card number incorrectly that got you into some trouble? Did you see a link that took your fancy leading you to find interesting products? Are these experiences that you value and you’d like tied to your dome in my memory? I think not. Wouldn’t you prefer something like “I was drinking vodka in St Petersburg and the next thing, I woke up in jail” (note, this is NOT Claude…how is it that a lot of my mates seem to regularly lose consciousness?) or “We were in the middle of nowhere, so I had to do No.2 in the jungle with no toilet paper while the bugs were beginning to crawl up my leg”. Both true stories. So after all that, the conclusion is that I’ve decided it’s my discretion. Argue with that why don’t you?

It’ll be highly unlikely that I’ll buy a dome online – it doesn’t constitute a new experience for me since I’ve purchased many things online. So I am going to make a concession here: if the snowdome you bought was the first thing you ever purchased online, I will willingly accept it. What a load off.

Ps happy birthday Jean-Marc!


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