Shake 17: Consistently Claude

April 21, 2010

Claude, Obernai (France), 2009

You know those friends that are always consistent? It doesn’t matter how much time has passed or what’s happened, they’re always the same. Claude is consistent. Consistently crazy! From the first time I met her when we were 13, she hasn’t changed. It doesn’t mean that she hasn’t gone through phases. Like when you never saw her without her skateboard. There was one night when she was skateboarding home from a party and the next minute, she woke up on the footpath without a clue of how she ended up there! Possible without copious amounts of alcohol or questionable substances? You can ask her.

Even though Obernai is miles away and Alsace was said to be a constantly changing entity between Germany and France through the years, the memory tied to this dome is close to home and evergreen.


7 Responses to “Shake 17: Consistently Claude”

  1. Doyle Air Says:

    Noona!!!! how are you going? I am seriously lovin your pieces!! seriously riveting. Shaza and I found a number of antique snowdomes in the opening ceremony store in Shibuya and tried to smuggles some shots but was arrested and jailed LOL!!!!!! Anyway I have put up a few snaps from my very recent Tokyo trip so watch my space. I also moved to wordpress too weeeeeeeee!!!!

  2. snowdomes Says:

    Doyleeeeeee!!! So THIS is this the only way I can communicate with you eh? You’re such an onliner! Can’t wait to see your pics, wish I was there with you guys.

  3. Claude Says:

    Oh wow! I had been reading through your blog – albeit a little infrequently – but you have pushed me out of my apathy and forced me to leave a comment.. My comment is “YAY!” How cool that I made it to your hallowed dome-o-sphere. Also, when are we gonna eat our Korean-fest?? I want me some bibimbap and blood cubes. [Just joshin’ about the blood cubes]…

  4. snowdomes Says:

    are you gonna bring “your shame”? ha!!!!!

  5. Ron Lee Says:

    You gettin’ mushy in your old age !??! :-].

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