Shake 11: On the risqué side of the board

April 15, 2010

Nic, Nige & Jase, Mount Hotham (Australia), 2007

Yep, you are correct. He’s nuuuuuuude.
Note: you know you can click on all the photos on this blog for bigger versions… no particular reason why I’m tellin you now…just lettin you know, that’s all.

Guys, I’m still waiting on that nude photo of yourselves that you promised for this.

Now it’s time to answer a couple of questions:

  1. Requests: There have been quite a few requests for particular snowdomes. I’ve got stock for about 2 years worth of posts, so I’ll get there! The problem is also that I’m posting at a faster rate than I can photograph them, but let me assure you, I am addressing this issue. I’ve started bringing a couple of domes a day into the studio so I can shoot them during my lunch break!
  2. Tags: Right. I have to get onto these. At first I couldn’t be bothered, and now, I just keep forgetting.
  3. Me: someone said that I should also post photos of myself. My short and long answer is NOOOOOOOO.

2 Responses to “Shake 11: On the risqué side of the board”

  1. I had to click on the photo…just to make sure, hehehe.

  2. […] nude friend from Hotham is lonely no more. Thanks gals, I love it! Posted in Australasia, Snowdomes | Leave a Comment […]

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