The Wall

April 10, 2010

If you thought this blog wasn’t classy before, you will now. After failing to get together for our dumpling date, the Hubby and I decided to take a visit to our favourite mega bottle-o this weekend. After perusing the aisles of white and red wine, we came across The Wall – the wall of cask wine. Now I had never tried this boxed wonder, and most of you know that the Hubs and I are always up for a new experience, so we asked ourselves why not? These days, $7 can buy you an ok bottle of NZ white, passable enough to fool even our local wine connoisseur (it’s called Amiri for you wide-eyed folk). So, surely this $14 for 2L box (this was on the upper end of the selection) had some potential, no?

Verdict: a BIG NO. It was NOT a positive experience for me, but it didn’t seem to stop the Hubby from sipping in between his Dragon Age levels. I have to admit though, there is a certain joy in pressing a nozzle for some wine.

If anyone has EVER had a good one, let me know. And don’t say ‘Lady on a boat‘. That stuff prices next to water.

The Wall

The "Ladies"


8 Responses to “The Wall”

  1. Bean Says:

    De bortli do ok red casks and then there’s something kinda like a cask but not in a box,it’s like a large version of the Capri oj I used to drink as a child.they have a pretty good white :)maybe nz wine as well.hmmm,can’t believe you spent your wknd drinking goon.did u at least make a pillow after?

  2. Bean Says:

    And where’s the dome!?

  3. Caesar Says:

    Gosh, I remember drinking Coolabah when I was a kid. Since my parents weren’t drinkers, and being Chinese, casks represented the best possible VFM for BBQs and such where alcohol was expected. Of course, nobody touched the stuff, so the kids were recruited to help make sure it didn’t go to waste. LOL.

  4. snowdomes Says:

    Everyone seems to have one of these 80s Coolabah stories!
    Bean, I’ll have to have a chat with you about your cask-but-not-cask next time, and I’ve already posted today’s dome!

  5. Emski Says:

    hey they made great “floaties”! gotta love those pool safety standards of the 80s

  6. Pauli Says:

    Oh dear… you were supposed to go through this phase in your early teens.
    I fondly remember “Peg the Cask” on the hills-hoist and spin, if you were lucky enough to be standing in front of it when it stopped you got a 5 second scull. Fruity Lexia and the peach variant did enough damage to a friend that it ruined his appreciation for wine full for life. Then again smashing a 4L goon bag in as long as it took to force feed it under pressure wasn’t the best idea he ever had.

    AKA – the Dapto Breif Case
    A slang term from the suburb of Dapto, south of Wollongong referring to a box of cask wine.

    Many many moons ago when the rainbow serpent was lying dormant Cecil would say he’s off to work and he would tell the passer bys that the box of wine he was holding was his Dapto Briefcase and he was working hard for the government.

  7. Lea Says:

    the silver pillows rule!

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