Shake 4-pack

April 8, 2010

Did you know that snowdomes can come in quads? Seems to be a common theme of sport here, but there’s a debate about whether the one on the left is clown or a juggler. Is clowning a sport?

Jem, Tokyo, 2001? (approx 40mm tall)

Jem takes off every couple of years, so it’s a long time between drinks (boo…), but it’s great for the dome count (yay!). Thanks for sending back the box loads during your Japanese Years.

Playing: Plants vs Zombies
Pondering: skiing vs snowboarding

Quad: juggling or clowning? They're rings at her feet

Quad: diving

Quad: soccer

Quad: tennis


7 Responses to “Shake 4-pack”

  1. Bean Says:

    Christopher cannot stop playing plant vs zombies.I’m scared to start!

  2. Maya Says:

    Actually Domes it was 2002 but hey, I am impressed you remember at all, I had to think about it. Her name is Peko chan, she is the Milky lolly mascot.

  3. snowdomes Says:

    How could I forget? No one else has given me a 4-pack! miss you!

  4. Caesar Says:

    Looks like a mime to me.

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