Shake 3: handy andie

April 7, 2010

Andie, Norway, 2008

Andie's 25, December 2009

With a collection like this, your family are automatically enslaved to your cause. I have to admit, they always do search high and low, while also pushing the burden onto their mates (thanks guys!). But when the parents return from a tour of the Snowdome Manufacturing Capital ie China, with a solid glass thing they are attempting to pass off as a dome, sometimes you have to wonder (let’s leave dome definitions for another post… my gawd, I’m starting to sound like a nerd).

So when Andie decided to take a break from the Swiss air and the fondue pots for xmas, landing with 25 snowdomes in her suitcase, it was like Santa making up for the last couple of decades of shared birthdays (you’ll know what I mean if you know how the birthdays work in this family).

Thanks Sister!


6 Responses to “Shake 3: handy andie”

  1. Bean Says:

    I meant to ask the other day,does the big one spin the snow ball things around the dome?I gotta see it in action!!

    • snowdomes Says:

      Ooh, yes it does! They’re tiny little foam balls, but there’s a lot of static in there, so heaps of them stick to the dome wall. Which brings me to the next question… is it really a dome? There’s no liquid in it….

  2. Caesar Says:

    Hang on… are you trying to get out of doing 25 separate posts here? Your readership demands otherwise!

    • snowdomes Says:

      How did I know you would pick this up?? Can I do 2 posts on certain days to make up for other days that I miss out? Hey! I don’t even know why I’m asking. I’m making up my own rules.

  3. Andie Says:

    Hey, finally worked out how this blog thing works… Looks like the fog on the glass cleared up after the globes left the Swiss winter and hit the Aussie summer. Am I your biggest contributor?

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