Shake two

April 6, 2010

Claim your dome!

It’s only Post no.2 and I’m already considering changing this blog to ‘A dome a day-ish’… reckon I can keep this up? Glass of wine in hand, let’s get straight into it – day 2 and keen to see some results!

I’m starting with the hardest. Not only do I have no idea who gave me this dome or when I received it, but who can tell me where it’s from??

Hands up if you ate too many easter eggs. I managed 9 (+1 cheat… sorry Jo) easter eggs in the mother-in-law’s easter egg hunt. I’ve gotta brush up on my hunting skills and beat that Shelby next year. Happy detox week folks.


6 Responses to “Shake two”

  1. Lea Says:

    ‘shake two’ – love it!
    looks like it’s from a green poop (poop verne?)

  2. snowdomes Says:

    maybe that’s why no one is claiming it!!

  3. Alex Says:

    It’s from Portovenere, Italy, I believe.

  4. […] thanks Alex – for getting me one step closer to identifying the Shake Two dome! Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)Dark side of the Dome 2010.. Posted in […]

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